The Iowa Music Project


Recently, Maximum Ames has partnered up with the Iowa Music Project.

Their goal is to seek out the best bands in Iowa and shed a little light on their beautiful faces and the noises that come out of them.

Here is a little more information and some dates.

March 15: Submission period ends.

April 1: 25 finalists will be awarded one free half-day recording session at Flat Black studios during the months of April and May. 15 tracks will be selected to be mastered and produced as vinyl records through Maximum Ames (two of which will be chosen through a community-wide vote presented by Please note: Submission does not guarantee inclusion

June 2: Project concludes with a live concert at the Des Moines Social Club featuring two opening acts from The Middle Western, a new supergroup comprised of William Elliot Whitmore and Dave Zollo

So if you have a band and or know someone who has a band make sure they submit a track by March 15th right here.


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