Alex Braidwood – Listening in Bogong Village


    Release Date: 06/03/2016

    Format: Cassette

    50% of proceeds from sales of this album through December 22nd, 2016 will be donated to Food at First in Ames, Iowa, which provides free meals and perishable foods to those in need. Learn more here.

    SOLD OUT: The first 20 pre-orders received a book containing collages and writings produced while Alex was living in the small Australian mountain village.

    A Note from the Artist:
    This project is created entirely from naturesound field recordings collected while I was the artist-in-residence at the Bogong Centre for Sound Culture (BCSC), located in the mountains of Australia’s Alpine National Park. Side A is the uninterrupted sounds of nature as the forest comes to life at sunrise. Side B is a composition of manipulated field recordings exploring man’s intervention in nature. The intent is for each side to bring an appreciation for the natural world and a sense of peace through focused listening and reflection. This was the experience I had while listening and recording in the mountains and I am excited to share that through the release of this cassette.


    Side A: Bogong Nature
    Side B: Bogong Intervention

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