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Upcoming Releases from Christopher the Conquered, TWINS, The Lonelyhearts, and Alex Braidwood

Maximum Ames Records is excited to announce a new partnership with Redeye Worldwide Distribution to release two new recordings from Christopher the Conquered in 2016! It all starts with the release of the I’m Not That Famous Yet EP on January 29th. The record features songs from Christopher’s forthcoming album I’m Giving Up On Rock […]

Christopher The Conquered East Coast Tour + Vinyl + New MR NASTI

Christopher the Conquered will depart for shows in New Jersey, NYC and Washington DC next week following performances in Des Moines and Omaha this weekend. I’m Giving Up On Rock & Roll LPs have been pressed and are available for pre-order. The album will be available Spring 2016. The new Conquered 4 Life podcast is available on iTunes and CtC’s […]

Update: Pointland Debut and Exhibition

Pointland: A Play for Audio is Maximum Ames’ first non-music release and perhaps its most ambitious yet. As the title suggests, Pointland is a play written and directed for audio. The playwright Jerrod B. Jordahl began writing in 2012 with the intention of distilling his preferred theatrical elements to their essence. Pointland was originally recorded in […]

Update: A Passing Melody Release Party

Christopher the Conquered will release his new experimental live album at Salisbury House and Gardens on September 26th. “A Passing Melody” is a collection of recordings of friends, family, and songs from across Christopher’s catalog. It is a musical self-portrait. It was recorded and will performed on the priceless Steinway grand piano at the Salisbury […]

Update: MR NASTI Announces 3 New Projects + The Fighting Burrito and Maximum Ames host 3 Tastings/Concerts + MAMF 2015 3 Weeks Away

  MR NASTI shared his plans for upcoming projects via Facebook on Sunday. The music for a new album entitled “Death Rattle” is recorded. It features words from his sophomore album, “Truth Sounds,” but with all new arrangements. MR NASTI is also making “textural music videos” for every track. Songs and corresponding videos from “Death […]

UPDATE: MA Artists Featured on + Ryan Adams Shouts Out Christopher the Conquered + Help Make a 2-Minute Movie Musical

Maximum Ames’ artists received a wave of recognition from a high tide of sources this past week. Noisey, the VICE Media music outlet, posted an article that highlighted some artists from what they dubbed a “retro pop scene.” In the piece they mentioned a couple of Max Ames’ own. First, Christopher the Conquered is mentioned and […]